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MoveIt 1.4

MoveIt 1.4 is now available. Once you install the update, you start MoveIt, and you hit the play button, a screen should come up and show you the changes. Then if you hit continue another screen will come up and allow you to choose the time mode. When testing this on my phone everything worked fine but when I installed the update from the market I did not get these pages. You should check out the time mode in settings and choose one so that you can unlock the levels. You have to have the easy time mode or higher for unlocks. Here are some of the new features.

  • There are now level unlocks so that you can start from your favorite level without having to start from the beginning each time. Note that only the easy time mode or higher will unlock levels.
  • There are now four timer modes you can choose from. Choose no time, easy, normal or crazy. If you are up for a challenge then play the hard level with the crazy timer. I guarantee that you will not last long.
  • Now there are menus with buttons instead of the navigation bar.
  • The sound and music quality has been improved and the loudness level has been increased.
  • The help file has been updated.

The high scores and users feature was not in this version but is coming so keep a look out for the update.

Possible or known bugs in v1.4:

  • I have one report from Canada that the game did not save. I have not seen this before but I am looking into it. If your game does not save then leave me some feedback so that I can tell if it is a single incident or a larger problem. Thanks spydahman23 for letting me know.


MoveIt Notes

It might seem that there is no purpose for MoveIt to penalize invalid moves or that it is only there to punish larger fingers but there is a purpose. All games keep track of stats and scores in different ways but one thing is for sure. Games will give you points for success and take away points for failure. MoveIt penalizes incorrect block presses so that it keeps the player true. The player should try to get the correct blocks with no error. I know that it can be difficult specially when the blocks get smaller but that is part of the challenge.

Speaking of challenge, sometimes the blocks will be really similar in color. This is also by design and part of the challenge. It happens every now and then and is not meant to be overkill but to make you sweat from time to time. I do understand that some people might have a harder time seeing colors then other people. That is new to version 1.4 the colors will be less alike. The colors will be well distinguished in the easy levels and get more similar in the harder levels. However, the harder levels will not be as bad as it is now.

That’s right. MoveIt 1.4 is on its way and you should see it on the market within a week. Please remember to leave feedback and feel free to leave a comment on this blog post if you would like to see something new or changed. I can’t guarantee that I will make the change but I will definitely consider your feedback. Enough with the notes, MoveIt!

MoveIt 1.3

I updated MoveIt from 1.2 to 1.3. I found and fixed a few bugs that you probably never have noticed. I also fixed the misspelled word, first, in the in game help.

It sounds like you are having fun and I am happy to read that you are. I know that MoveIt can be challenging with the multiple paths especially with the timer but that is part of the challenge. If you think that is tough wait until you get to the multiple paths with the timer, random block radius and random angle with a ten by ten game board. All of those elements combined make it a real challenge.

Set a goal and try to accomplish that goal. For example, try to beat your highest level or increase your score average. Challenge your family and friends and see who can get to the highest level. MoveIt is the perfect game to play no matter where you are at. You can play while waiting at the airport, bus stop, on your sofa while watching TV and more. I am sure that wherever you play is as good as any place, but make sure that you do not drive and play at the same time.

Game updates are on the way and you can look forward to more functionality to improve your gaming experience. Here are a few features that will be added.

  • High Score
  • Users

I never realized that I had not put a high score in the stats. If you look at the stats you see Score which is the total score for all of the games you have played. Players will allow you to create a player and play with that player so that way you can keep your stats separate from family and friends.

Have you ever wondered what the bonus points are for? The bonus points are awarded when you have completed a level within an estimated time required to complete the level. Even if the level is not using the timer there is still an estimated time determined to complete that level. Complete the level before that time and you are awarded bonus points.

Have fun and MoveIt!

Application Update Problems

I have noticed WP7 market sometimes has problems when updating applications and I am certain that you might have too. When an application update is available for an app you will be notified for that update. Then you select update, you see it download and then the status says installing. The phone gets stuck doing this with updates. You will continuously get notified that there is an update.

This is a problem that seems to happen randomly with certain apps and certain phones but does not appear to be limited to only certain phones or apps. Hopefully Microsoft will fix the market sometime soon.

MoveIt Details

Move it builds the game board in three ways which are easy, medium, or hard. Although the easy and medium game boards almost look-alike they are indeed created differently and can be noticed the most when the game board has more blocks. Another words a game board with 10×10 blocks will be noticeable. The hard game board by far is way different from the easy and medium and uses what I call multiple paths. A path consists of a path created with blocks of the same color. Then the next path is created using a different color. The paths and colors are randomly created.

When playing the easy and medium game boards you can go back to the tiles you have previously visited. You can tell you have previously visited a block because it will be black. It is possible that a path color can be randomly colored similar to the black visited block but will never be the same. There also can be a path that is colored close to the current block color of white but will never be the same. Having paths of similar colors can be challenging and add to the fun. Being able to use your previously visited blocks is part of the design and will allow you to fly around the game board without getting stuck.

The hard game board with multiple paths also allows you to visit your previously visited blocks. However, once you move from the last block of a path to the next path that path you were currently on will disappear. This makes it challenging for you to complete the level. You better pay attention though. You need to make sure that the last block of the current path that you are on will allow you to get to the next path. If you cannot get to the next path then that level is over.

Besides the easy, medium, and hard game boards there are many levels that you will go through. When you increase a level more blocks are added to the game board. At first you start out with 3×3 and max out at 10×10. As you increase your skills a timer will be added and you will race time. Then the radius of the blocks will start to change making your moves a little hard to see. Next the angle of the block will change and then you will really need to focus. Starting at level 55 you will face all elements. The number of tiles will increase, there will be a timer, the radius will randomly change, and the block will have a random angle. If you can survive this long then you will be amazed at how challenging MoveIt has become.

Throughout the game you will earn new lives specially when needed but you better hang on to them because you will need every life you earn. The lives earned are displayed underneath the stats on the stat screen at the end of a level. You cannot repeat a level when a level is lost due to running out of time or failing to complete a path. A life will be taken and you will have another chance to move on if you have some remaining lives.

MoveIt will get future updates with more features and game play so move it, have fun and I look forward to your feedback. Do not forget to leave comments here on my website if you would like a response.


MoveIt is a colorful puzzle of blocks and is bound to become your favorite in no time. Make your move and see if you can survive to the next level but you better move it before you run out of time. There are infinite levels that will keep challenging your skills by adding more blocks, multiple paths, a timer, and more.  Responsive touch game play, smooth graphics, screen rotation support, simple metro style, and awesome sound enhance this fun puzzle that will keep you busy for hours. The game includes statistics, in game help, settings and full instructions. So what are you waiting for?


The game board consists of colored blocks where you move from one block to another block. Make your move based on an L shape like chess. The level will be completed once you have visited all of the blocks. Each level has a different number of blocks, one or more paths of blocks, are created differently, and might have a timer. You will be rewarded based on accuracy and timing and you will be punished for your mistakes. Remember to read the complete guide in the game. Have fun.

MoveIt the #1 puzzle!</a>

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