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Game or DirectX crashes

I built a new system and Battlefield 4, BF4, was crashing on me. I could not figure it out for over a week with a lot of time spent on searching. Someone told me to try out a solution and it fixed my problem. I see a lot of people out there looking for the same problem. If this does not fix it for you then I am sorry and good luck. I will not be able to help you out.

My game would crash or freeze randomly within ten minutes. The error I got was something for DirectX and said the device hung.

Ok, here is the fix:

1 – Go to Power Options in the Control Panel.
2 – Click on “Change plan settings” next to the power plan you are using.
3 – Click on “Change advanced power settings”
4 – Scroll down the list to PCI Express and expand it
5 – Expand Link State Power Management
6 – Set to off and apply and close all dialogs and windows

Ok, now go and test your game or application and see if it does not crash anymore. If it does then this is not your fix. Sorry

I think what was happening is Windows would reduce the power to the video card while I was playing my game and then it would freeze up due to not having enough power.

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MoveIt 1.7

Fixed the category. Moved MoveIt to the games category.

MoveIt 1.6

MoveIt 1.6 is now available. I made it easier to distinguish the colors. When the game is installed for the first time if you choose to start with hard you will never see the help screens. I have fixed it so that you will see the help screens if you have not seen them yet.

Backdrops 1.1

I have been really busy but I am always working to improve my apps. I have been working on Backdrops 1.1 update and hopefully I will get it out to you within a week. Please remember to update my reviews with a better rating once you have tried the new update.

There will be 70 pictures in this update. I have improved the all pictures, overview, and the quick list. I think you will really like the pictures as well as the new and improved all pictures. When flicking between the photos it is seamless with no large blank space between the pictures. The flick has been improved and the picture can be moved around with panning.

Overview is no longer on the panorama view and now accessible from the menu items. Like before you can click on the tiny photo and you will be taken to the single picture view. Now if you move your finger around the photos you will see a larger preview. Once you have a photo chosen lift your finger and you will be taken to the single picture view.

I will be working on 1.2 shortly which will give you even more new functionality. Enjoy. If you like my apps please remember that they are free and share them with friends. After all they are free and I do spend a lot of my time working hard on my apps for you. Thanks

Charlie Sheen

Play funny sounds from Charlie Sheen. Over 50 sound bites for your enjoyment. Now you can take these popular clips with you on the go. Don’t forget to rate and share with your friends.

More features being added soon!

Now your favorite sounds! </a>


Quality wallpapers that are already cropped and sized for your phone. This app is fast and you do not have to wait around for downloads because all of the photos are already built into the app. That means you can browse the wallpapers without using your bandwidth. These photos are made for your WP7 phone. Browse the photos using different views, add to library and set as your wallpaper. Other wallpaper apps can be too cluttered and image quality is low. Backdrops offers the best and has more to come. Download today and get your wallpaper.

Quality you deserve!</a>

MoveIt 1.5

MoveIt 1.5 is now available. For some reason I cannot get an information screen to pop up for the first time run when updating MoveIt from the market. The information is that you can select which time mode you would like to play in the settings page. I have not removed the locked levels so that you can choose which level you would like to start on right of way. The timer is optional for increasing the complexity of the level if you would like a challenge. If you are having problems with installations or updates please let me know so I can report it to Microsoft. As you can see by now I have changed my graphic for MoveIt. Although I like the original art I feel that new users might not stop to check out MoveIt if the graphic is not eye popping. Plus I had a request to change it too. Hope you are enjoying the game.