Applicaitons for your Window Phone 7

Backdrops 1.1

I have been really busy but I am always working to improve my apps. I have been working on Backdrops 1.1 update and hopefully I will get it out to you within a week. Please remember to update my reviews with a better rating once you have tried the new update.

There will be 70 pictures in this update. I have improved the all pictures, overview, and the quick list. I think you will really like the pictures as well as the new and improved all pictures. When flicking between the photos it is seamless with no large blank space between the pictures. The flick has been improved and the picture can be moved around with panning.

Overview is no longer on the panorama view and now accessible from the menu items. Like before you can click on the tiny photo and you will be taken to the single picture view. Now if you move your finger around the photos you will see a larger preview. Once you have a photo chosen lift your finger and you will be taken to the single picture view.

I will be working on 1.2 shortly which will give you even more new functionality. Enjoy. If you like my apps please remember that they are free and share them with friends. After all they are free and I do spend a lot of my time working hard on my apps for you. Thanks


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