Applicaitons for your Window Phone 7

MoveIt 1.5

MoveIt 1.5 is now available. For some reason I cannot get an information screen to pop up for the first time run when updating MoveIt from the market. The information is that you can select which time mode you would like to play in the settings page. I have not removed the locked levels so that you can choose which level you would like to start on right of way. The timer is optional for increasing the complexity of the level if you would like a challenge. If you are having problems with installations or updates please let me know so I can report it to Microsoft. As you can see by now I have changed my graphic for MoveIt. Although I like the original art I feel that new users might not stop to check out MoveIt if the graphic is not eye popping. Plus I had a request to change it too. Hope you are enjoying the game.


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